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Why the lobes?

As you'll see below there are a number of possible places to attach the clips but the earlobes seem to be most effective. Why?

How to attach the clips?

Sounds silly, but I found a significant improvement in comfort by always holding the clips with the opposite hand to the ear I'm attaching to. This results in a better angle so the clip doesn't put as much pressure onto your ear.

Where else can you attach?

  • Behind the lobes: Didn't feel the shocks or get the eye flashes but still *seemed* to feel the effects
  • Third eye and back of neck: Third-eye is between your two eyes just above your eyebrows, back of the neck works best right in the middle (higher or lower had a noticably lesser effect). This gave me stronger flashes but lesser tripping effect.
  • Mastoid process:
  • Ear lobes still seems to be the best place

Salt solution: what concentration?

2 teaspoons in a cup of water seems to be all you need.

Salt solution: wash the clips with freshwater afterwards??

Should we be doing this to avoid rust?

Baking soda is also conductive and not quite so corrosive. It may be worth a try.

Improving comfort

  • I tried folding a square of toilet paper, soaking it in salt water, squeezing out excess water, and used this as padding between my ear and the clips. You can still feel the shocks but not as severely, and at one stage the effects were more noticable.. but its debatable whether or not its worth the effort.