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When using the Voodoo Magick Box, one can immediately experience a feeling like tripping. The unit markets itself as "The World's First Digital Drug". The unit runs at up to 1000 μA on the 0.5 Hz frequency which falls under the Alpha state.

  • Are similar effects/experiences achieved at other frequencies?

Interaction with Legal Drugs



Found in over-the-counter cough medicines, DXM is known to cause psychedelic effects in high doses. It has also been associated with OOBEs. WARNING: Overdose causes death! The CES website does not encourage nor condone ingesting this chemical and the information here is provided purely for infortmation purposes. See also: Wikipedia (Dextromethorphan and it's Non-medical uses) and The DXM Harm Reduction Website.

Interactions with Illegal Drugs

The CES website does not courage nor condone the use of illegal drugs. The information provided here is purely for educational purposes.

Marijuana (legal in some countries)