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Clean up things thrown in.

Add safety page: volt and amps calibration. (meter and scope) frequencies and epilepsy (even if you don't have it). amps and cooking brains. EM fields and children/cancer.

Calcs for resistors to drop amps. Calcs for pot to drop volts. Quick table showing relation to mega, kilo, unit, milli, micro, pico.

Expand various types of ear clips: over the ear. tape+foil with clamp pads. hackedcanada link. saltwater+tissue (already there). (baking soda also conducts without rusting) penny method. warning about soldering electrodes with lead up against the skin.

overdrive sine wave to clipping for easy square and use LPF for harmonic removal?

sine->square wave converter will still suffer from dc blocking capacitor.

Test square waves and pics for use in sound card/cd/mp3 calibration.

External links page. ces descriptions/usages. medical pdf's. other circuits. simple how to solder.

General uses page with real reasons why certain treatments do a don't work. Add variable EM fields.


Ideopathic: continually unknown. Hypersomnia: overly tired. Just another for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In short, I'm miserable and wasted all the time and nobody knows why. If you understand batteries, think if this as Dead Battery Syndrome.

As far as alternatives, I am Christian and get prayed for a lot. I believe in a good diet and not the traditional American artificial one. I take lots of vitamins and minerals. I would exercise more if I weren't so tired. I probably should get some more sunlight, but there's a history of melanoma in my family, so I'm really careful with UV light. I make sure the calcium pills I take have vitamin D in them already. My bed is slowly becoming a borg regeneration chamber. In addition to CES and binaurals, I've also studied varying EM fields. As time permits I'd also like to add hyperbarics...and something else I'm forgetting. Some of my symptoms are similar to central sleep apnea. I've made my own artificial ventilator and have been sleeping with an alien...err...mask wrapped around my face the past 3 years. Hmm...maybe I should have made my nick SpaceJockey. I generally don't believe in drugs. I've been on numerous prescriptions, all bad. The side effects were worse than the problems. The long term fine print warnings for all those pills are beyond scary. I've experimented with verious herbs (all legal), but they didn't come close to doing anything as advertised. I'm not huge into conspiracies, but I do believe that the major drug cartels are moderately suppressing new technologies that are cheap and helpful in favor of their expensive, worthless, and dangerous pills. I also believe the FDA should monitor quality and claims of physical medical hardware devices (non-chemical related) but should not require prescriptions for CES (small square wave signal generators that are more common than realized), blood oximeters (simple reading/monitoring equipment category), and things like CPAPs (way over priced calibrated impeller fans).